Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Legitimate Christian Ministry?

What makes a "legitimate" Christian ministry? The organization "Mormon Missions Midwest Outreach" founded by Larry M (aka Rocky) and Helen Hulse have claimed that they are a "legal," "legitimate," 501c3 Christian ministry. But the evidence reveals that they are not.  And they have not been a legal, legitimate or compliant 501c3 non-profit organization for several years now.

The government issued EIN for this organization is 75-3017949 and the address(es) on public record are P.O. Box 197, Denmark, IA 52624 and P.O. Box 93, Nauvoo, IL 62354.  All of the information posted here can be verified by contacting the Internal Revenue Service at  1-877-829-5500 or visiting their website at http://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Exempt-Organizations-Select-Check.

Below is a recent screen shot from the Guidestar website revealing the truth about the legitimacy claims of this organization.

And below are a few recent screenshots from the IRS.gov website confirming that this organization is NOT a legally registered 501c3 organization.

Yet here is a copy of their most recent claim of being a 501c3 non-profit dated 5/11/2013 followed by additional copies of them making the same claim repeatedly with the implication that only ministries with a 501c3 status are "legal" or "legitimate."  

In the next screenshot, Helen Hulse contacts a ministry page Admin to harass them about a photo that was shared from Google.  She accused them of "stealing" the photo from her website and then went on to repeat over and over again about how she (as a 501c3) had more rights than those who started their "little pages."  Why would one Christian treat another Christian this way who were involved in the same ministry efforts?  This makes no sense unless there is something wrong going on.


Why are we exposing these facts and why do they matter?  Clearly these people are being deceptive about their non-profit status.  Even worse, this so-called "legal Christian ministry" has been causing trouble in the Body of Christ for many years now and the truth needs to be told.  It's not right that this organization goes around under false pretenses to bully and harass others and cause strife and division within the Body of Christ.  This is NOT how any Christian ministry should behave, let alone a "legal" 501c3 ministry (which according to the evidence they are not).

The question needs to be asked as to why they are misrepresenting their legal status? Why do they not disclose the truth about their non-profit status?  Are they violating IRS code regulations that require full disclosure about the nature of the donations they receive?  And if they are a Christian ministry as they claim, why do they spend so much of their time attacking, harassing and bullying other Christians and their ministries?

If they will lie or misrepresent the truth about their non-profit status, what else have they lied about? And what are their motives for such behavior and deception? This is an organization that does not exhibit Christian character and should be viewed with extreme caution.  More evidence is to follow.  

To be continued...


  1. Art Haglund here,
    There are several points that need to be made:
    1. 501(c)3 is not a governmental approval of what one does. churches of Satan also receive this status.
    2. Claiming to have such status, attaching spiritual importance to it, then for three yrs running disregarding and losing it is the height of hypocrisy, that and continually, after revocation, to claim they have it.
    3. The Bible tells us to judge, just to judge according to righteous judgement, not according to the flesh, using ourselves as the rule of measure. We are to use the Bible as the measure of judgement.
    4. The bible tells us that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks and Helen's claims of wanting to f***ing destroy 'us' and have our heads on platters NOW does not show a heart for Christ, or does it?


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  2. I double checked the information that you gave and it validates. Thank you for writing this up - it's quite enlightening and, frankly, fits an emerging that we're seeing with the Hulses.

    And here's a direct link to the IRS page that you provided a screen shot for above:

  3. My experience with any person or organization that is created to discredit or bring down another creates the law of cause and affect. Eventually there will be animosity between them and another. The bible is clear that what goes around comes around. I won't affiliate with any Christian group trying to slash any kind of group whether they say they are doing it out of love or not. Jesus didn't go around trying to convince the Roman Government it was wrong, he tried to teach the people to love each other and do good to each other always. If you really want to be considered Christians start acting like it, all of you!!!

    1. Nothing you said has any bearing on this situation. Jesus was not sent to the Romans, so that quip is fully moot.
      You seem a bit ignorant of who Jesus was. He yelled at people, made a whip and overthrew tables and called them dogs and hypocrites and children of Satan and vipers.
      Let us see what Paul did and said, shall we?
      Paul said follow ME just like follow Christ.
      Paul called them fools, and liars adn sons of hell and named names, several times.

      Robin, YOUR judgement of what a Christian is to do is a non biblical social gospel of being nice, but no christians is called to that. That is a doctrine of Satan and leads people straight to hell!

    2. Robin,

      You are correct what goes around comes around. Helen has been running a smear campaign against countless Christians for several years now. Some of her campaigns have included that certain groups wanting to witness to Mormons were not legit because they were not a 501c3. Seems odd that this kind of campaign would be brought on by someone who would allow theirs to go away but not being accountable for funds they received.

      And that is good that you won't affiliate with groups such as theirs. I applaud you for it. For they have gone after groups such as MRM in the past as well with no remorse for their actions.

      However your comparison to Jesus and the Roman government doesn't apply here. For that would be comparing an Atheist group to a Christian group. Thank you for your comment and we hope you understand we are only out to warn those who have or planned on supporting a group not accountable for their words, actions, and funding.

  4. Arthur Adam Haglund here,

    @2pm from the MMMO FB page:
    All anyone has to do is look at who shared this post. You will see the persons (so called Christians and Christian ministries) who are behind all the harassment of this 501(c)(3) ministry. Their actions and words speak for themselves.
    Also the behavior is providing more documents and names for our lawyers.
    45 minutes ago

    they are NOT a 501c3, they were revoked and they are not on any IRS list of associations or charities allowed, at THIS MOMENT to accept tax free donations!!!

    This play is like the Mormons claiming they are Christians when ALL proof speaks to the contrary. Christianity rejects their claims and doctrine
    Here, the IRS is the one that gives this status and says (in effect); "Nope, they are not one"
    But good old liar, keeps on lying!

  5. a few days ago, the FaceBook page for MMMO changed their about section, under mission, from a continued claim of being 501c3, to non profit started in 2002. This is important.
    Helen has posted quite a few lies, good thing I saved the whole webpage rather than simple screen shots!
    She has lied in the following areas:
    Claimed that my lampoon of their page was removed by FB. It was not. at the insisting of many Christians, asking for peace, I removed it.
    Helen has continued to claim (not conspicuously removed) that they have EVERYTHING copyrighted, including their own names. today they have posted the US Gov site showing that the couple Hulse have one and only one copyright on Larry (aka Rocky)'s book, self published, btw.
    Helen has posted things from two yrs ago, pretending that THESE things are the cause of today's issues with them.
    Helen has claimed that are the poor victims, even removing all her responses to me on their blog, in the vain attempt to make it seem as if they have done nothing but are victims of unjust and false Christians.
    Helen lied in her claims that Paypal has investigated my account for making false accusations and filing false reports against them. I contacted Paypal and spoke to two people and my account has no flags, no complaints, no holds, nothing, but their IS, indeed a fraud investigation underway (I have the Emails to prove it) by Paypal for their claiming to BE 501c3, yet the IRS states they are not. Now that Paypal knows of this, they are legally responsible to investigate, and report offenses to the Federal gov´t
    To date, I have contacted the Texas Attorney General, several news outlets in and around Cedar Park TX of their fraud. One website removed a recommendation and link to MMMO due to my providing proof of her and his fraud.
    I have contacted the FBI office and left a detailed message for Agent Joel Steven(s) about MMMO and the hulses, for internet, interstate, mail and international fraud in solicitation of donations under the guise of being a 501c3 when they are not.
    As of this evening, the hulses have removed all Any resistance and she attacks via whisper campaigns and lies.
    This, none of this, is the way a Christian behaves!

  6. July 9, 2013, The House of Hulse posted on their FB page a screen shot that they are, once again, allowed to accept tax exempt donations. Along with that screen shot, they have posted comments designed to lead any who have seen it to think any and all commentary on their 501c3 revocation to be false, doctored screen shots, etc.

    Currently and as evidenced BY that screen shot, their status if OC, for public Charity, NOT 501c3!

    The past remain written in stone. The Hulses had their 501c3 revoked. they continued for two years and change to claim they had said status, while railing against others who did not have it, while they did not either.

    I have submitted a Freedom of Information act request asking for ALL application tax records and notices, all correspondence between the IRS and the Hulses.

    This information will or should, include all notifications sent to them notifying them of their failure to correctly file for the three years, consecutively, that they did not file as required. This will or should also include any NEW applications that has led to their current PC (NOT 501c3) status.

    I intend to post copies of all this online to show, once and for all, through publicly available information that they were, indeed, committing fraud, soliciting and claiming to BE a tax exempt entity, when they were not and that, if my thoughts are correct, all effort to become one, again, happened only after their being exposed.

  7. I, as a Christian, must address an error that I participated in:

    The IRS revoked the Hulse's status for failure to comply to the rules and regulations concerning income reporting. This failure was not a one time incident, but for three consecutive years with the appropriate notifications sent to them by the IRS each time.

    They had their status revoked in May of 2011 and remained non tax exempt until July of 2012.

    During this time period, they continued to assail others for not having 501(c)3, when they, hypocritically, did not have it and their not having it was due to their willing disregard for the reporting regulations.

    During this time, 14 months, approximately, they solicited donations and publicly claimed status they did not have. This caused people to deduct deductions that said people legally could not take. In other words, this caused people to file FALSE TAX RETURNS.

    Anyone who donated and filed tax returns that included donations made to them during this time may wish to contact the IRS and find out what must, if anything, be done to correct your tax return from that period. It would affect tax years 2011 and 2012.

    The correction I must make is that I, along with others, incorrectly and without full information (partly based upon phone calls to the IRS, where the full information was not obtained) announced that they were not tax exmpt as of May 2013. We were wrong on the date. All other information published was correct.

    This information on revocation and reinstatement date came from IRS employee, Mr Gerding, ID# 1001181271

    Those who wish to lodge a complaint for their illegal advertising, and proclaiming, as well as accepting and soliciting donations as a tax exempt entity, when they were not, hence you were the victim of fraud, you may use this form:


  8. Well, the Hulses announced that they were shutting down their facebook, MMMO page. So far, it is down, but that does not mean that condition is permanent. It is widely and well known that Helen and others who follow her (NOT Jesus) have used any number of fake profiles and have been vicious in their campaign to hurt real Christians.

    Helen and or Larry (Rocky) still maintain a facebook page, so they will continue to copy and screen shot things for future nefarious use.

    Now that they have removed, or deactivated their FB account, all their twitter posts that refer back to FB are utterly useless. That is nothing new, as Helen regularly acts like the mormon she claims to have never been, by sanitizing her sin and rewriting history of her posts, once they have been discredited.

    In one of her vary last posts, she stated that I NOW call myself a Christian. Funny, I have been calling myself a Christian before her hubby left the LDS!!!

    At any rate, we can praise our merciful heavenly father for whatever respite we receive from the evil that Helen Hulse has tried and continued to try to do to God's real children.

    Some may desire to think that this is a sign of repentance. I wish it were. IF that had been the case, there would, by needs, have been restoration of truth and admission of sin (lies, slander, attacks, threats, etc... oh, do not forget, admission of their 14 months of illegally claiming 501c3 status when it was fully revoked!)